X Horoscope: ywrbwgwn56 (2024)

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Your Hogwarts House


Ywrbwgwn's dedication to his craft, his patience in learning and improving, and his willingness to help others, particularly through requests and feedback, align with the values of Hufflepuff. He is 'dedicated' to his art, as seen in his frequent posts and engagement with followers, and 'patient' in his learning process, as shown by his 'improvement over 5 years' post. He is also 'helpful' by offering to take requests and provide feedback, showing his willingness to support others. These traits embody the Hufflepuff spirit of hard work, loyalty, and kindness.

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Your Simpsons character

Ned Flanders

While not overtly religious, Ywrbwgwn's earnestness and dedication to his craft, coupled with his occasional self-deprecating humor, resonate with Ned Flanders' character. Like Ned, Ywrbwgwn is 'dedicated' to his artistic pursuits, as seen in his frequent posts and responses to followers. He also shares Ned's 'earnestness' in his approach to his work, often referencing historical sources and striving for accuracy. And, like Ned, he has a 'self-deprecating' sense of humor, often poking fun at his own work or shortcomings.

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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Passionate: His dedication to drawing historical figures and scenes, often referencing specific details, shows his passion for history and art.

  • Detail-oriented: His focus on accurate depictions of armor, clothing, and weapons, often mentioning specific types, demonstrates his attention to detail.

  • Humorous: His self-deprecating comments about his work and playful responses to followers showcase his sense of humor.

  • Dedicated: His frequent posting and engagement with followers, even asking for feedback and requests, demonstrates his commitment to his art.

  • Open to learning: His posts about his 'improvement over 5 years' and his willingness to experiment with new mediums and styles show his openness to learning and growing as an artist.


  • Self-doubt: His comments about his work, like 'Might’ve made the shield too small' and 'This looks like it was made up for the gamer kid in a sitcom to play', suggest a degree of self-doubt.

  • Procrastination: His confession about slacking off on drawing due to 'Battle Brothers' being a 'curse' indicates a tendency towards procrastination.

  • Impulsiveness: His decision to 'open c0mmi5sions' due to needing new PC parts suggests a degree of impulsiveness in his decision-making.

  • Perfectionism: His focus on detail and accuracy in his artwork, often mentioning specific historical references, could be interpreted as a sign of perfectionism.

  • Lack of consistency: His comments about his drawing schedule being unpredictable and his occasional gaps in posting suggest a lack of consistency in his artistic output.

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Your 5 Emojis

  • 🎨

    His primary focus is on creating art, as evident in his frequent posts of drawings and sketches.

  • ⚔️

    He often draws historical figures and scenes, frequently featuring weapons and armor, like 'Tlingit alder armor & muzzleloader'.

  • 🕰️

    His art is heavily influenced by history, particularly North American and Eurasian history, as seen in his drawings of various historical figures and scenes.

  • 🎮

    He is a fan of video games, as seen in his mentions of 'Battle Brothers' and 'Elden Ring'.

  • 😁

    He has a playful sense of humor, often making self-deprecating comments about his work and engaging with followers in a lighthearted manner.

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Your new Twitter bio

History-loving comic artist specializing in North American and Eurasian cultures. I draw armor, weapons, and characters, often with a touch of humor. Follow me for historical art, fantasy sketches, and occasional video game references.– @ywrbwgwn56

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Your movie

The Princess Bride

The whimsical and adventurous spirit of 'The Princess Bride' aligns well with Ywrbwgwn's art, which often blends historical realism with fantasy elements. The movie's 'whimsical' nature is reflected in his playful drawings and humorous captions, while the 'adventurous' spirit is evident in his exploration of diverse historical periods and his willingness to experiment with different styles. Like the movie, his art combines elements of 'fantasy' and 'realism', creating a unique and engaging style.

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Your song

The Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! At The Disco

The song's theme of artistic expression and the search for identity resonates with Ywrbwgwn's journey as a developing artist. The 'artistic expression' theme is evident in his frequent posts and his exploration of different styles and mediums. The 'search for identity' theme is reflected in his self-deprecating comments about his work and his exploration of different historical periods and cultures, showing his ongoing journey of self-discovery as an artist.

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Your video game


The vast world, diverse cultures, and emphasis on exploration in 'Skyrim' mirror Ywrbwgwn's interest in history and his fascination with different cultures. The 'vast world' of Skyrim resonates with his exploration of diverse historical periods, as seen in his drawings of various cultures and armor styles. The 'diverse cultures' of Skyrim align with his interest in different historical periods and his frequent mentions of specific cultures, like 'Tlingit' or 'Comanche'. The 'exploration' aspect of Skyrim aligns with his willingness to experiment with different styles and mediums, showing his openness to new artistic challenges.

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Your spirit animal

The Raven

The raven, known for its intelligence, adaptability, and connection to the mystical, aligns with Ywrbwgwn's artistic vision and his fascination with history. The raven's 'intelligence' is reflected in his detailed drawings and his knowledge of historical periods and cultures. Its 'adaptability' is evident in his willingness to experiment with different styles and mediums. Its 'mystical' connection aligns with his interest in fantasy elements and his exploration of historical figures and scenes often steeped in folklore and mythology.

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Some pickup lines for you

  • If you were a historical figure, I'd draw you in my next comic, with all the detail and accuracy you deserve.

  • I bet you're as fascinating as the history I draw, full of stories and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

  • You must be a rare artifact, because I'm drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

  • I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by your historical knowledge or your ability to make me laugh with your witty comments.

  • I'm not sure if I'm more passionate about history or about you. But either way, I'm definitely interested in learning more about both.

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Your (un)funny joke

Why did the historical figure refuse to wear a helmet? Because he wanted to be recognized by his fans!

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X Horoscope: ywrbwgwn56 (2024)


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