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Everything you need to know to throw a rustic bridal shower.

A rustic bridal shower theme is more than just decor elements. It’s a feeling: imagine being in a wooden lodge on a snowy winter’s day, curled in front of a crackling fire, sipping tea, and surrounded by loved ones. It typically includes a countryside-inspired theme with natural elements and a cozy, laid-back atmosphere. In this guide, you’ll discover whether a rustic bridal shower is the right theme, the essential elements needed to create this enchanting ambiance, and unique rustic bridal shower ideas to make the celebration come alive. Get ready to host the celebration of a lifetime!

Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (1)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (2)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (3)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (4)

Should I Choose a Rustic Bridal Shower?

With its cozy and intimate setting, a rustic bridal shower allows loved ones to gather in a comfortable and calming ambiance.

A rustic bridal shower is perfect for the bride who…

  • LOVES nature,
  • wants a wholesome, cozy, laid-back celebration.

A rustic bridal shower is perfect for a fall season theme. If it isn’t fall season, you can still choose to have a rustic bridal shower. There’s really no rules when it comes to bridal shower themes besides the fact that the bride loves it!

Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (5)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (6)

Essential Rustic Bridal Shower Elements You NEED

Before we begin, we recommend you to read The Complete Bridal Shower Planning Guide to understand the philosophy and key aspects to consider when planning a bridal shower so there’s nothing you overlook when planning. Don’t worry, we’ll go through everything you need to know in this article, but for a more in-depth article, read the planning guide.


That being said, here are some elements that are must haves that contribute to that feeling of warmth and coziness:

  • Natural Wood Decor: Incorporate wooden elements into the decor, such as wooden tables, chairs, or even wooden signs, to bring the rustic charm to life.
  • Warm Lighting: Opt for warm and soft lighting, such as string lights, lanterns, or candles, to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
  • Earthy Color Palette: Choose a color palette inspired by nature, such as earthy tones like browns, greens, and soft neutrals, to evoke a sense of rustic elegance.
  • Vintage Touches: Add vintage accents like antique vases, old-fashioned frames, or rustic crates to enhance the rustic charm and nostalgia.
  • Rustic Florals: Use fresh flowers with a rustic vibe, such as wildflowers, baby’s breath, or sunflowers, to bring a touch of nature to the celebration.
  • Farmhouse Table Setting: Set the table with rustic-inspired dinnerware, burlap table runners, and mason jar glasses to create an inviting and homely dining experience.
  • Rustic Venue Selection: Choose a venue with natural surroundings, such as a charming barn, a picturesque garden, or a cozy lodge, to set the rustic ambiance right from the start. In our experience, the best way we’ve found rustic bridal shower venues are through renting AirBnBs in national parks. Remember to examine all the photos and check reviews. Consider the guest capacity and what facilities are neccessary to cater to guests.

Although this isn’t necessary and is subject to budget and convenience, we recommend holding a rustic bridal shower close to sunset time, and having guests stay overnight at the venue so they can have the full rustic experience. Make sure to mention the overnight stay in invitations. We will talk more about writing rustic bridal shower invitations later.

Magical Rustic Bridal Shower Ideas

For a charming and cozy rustic bridal shower, consider these creative ideas that will create a heartwarming celebration filled with joy and laughter:

Pyjama Party

Host a pyjama-themed rustic bridal shower, where guests can relax in their comfy pajamas and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

Marshmallows and Chocolate

Set up a DIY s’mores station with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for a delightful and delicious treat.

Sock Station and Warm Blankets

Provide soft blankets and warming socks to keep guests warm and toasty throughout the event, and consider offering them as favors for guests to take home. One of our favourite features at a rustic bridal shower is a sock station situated near the entrance. This station showcases an array of colorful and playful socks, allowing guests to select their favorite pair and experience the joy of slipping off their shoes and embracing the comfort of these whimsical and stylish socks.

Book Reading Session

Create a cozy reading corner with a selection of books for guests to enjoy during the bridal shower, allowing them to unwind and escape into captivating stories.

Rustic cake

Embrace the beauty of rustic charm with a cake that exudes warmth and simplicity. Naked or semi-naked cakes with fresh berries, flowers, and a light dusting of powdered sugar can create an organic and inviting look.

Wooden crate table and chairs

Incorporating wooden crates, tables, and chairs into a rustic bridal shower can add a charming and cozy touch to the overall theme. They are budget-friendly and sustainable.

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Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (8)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (9)

Take it outside

If the weather permits, take the celebration outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature and the rustic ambiance.

Sightseeing Train

Organize a scenic train ride where guests can soak in breathtaking views and cherish memorable moments together. This will provide a truly magical experience. Though, in order to do this, you need to find venues with scenic train rides nearby.


End the evening with a stargazing session, providing blankets and cushions for a magical experience under the night sky. Supply guests with lanterns! It definitely adds to the atmosphere.

Dangling leaves

Incorporating dangling leaves is a brilliant rustic bridal shower idea that adds a touch of natural elegance and charm to the event. To achieve this enchanting look, carefully select various types of leaves, ensuring they are sturdy enough to be attached to a transparent string. Hang these beautiful leaf strands from the ceiling to create a dynamic, mesmerizing, nature-inspired canopy that brings the outdoors indoors as if the leaves are falling in the air. Plus it’s super budget-friendly!

Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (10)

Hiking Adventure

Plan a nature hike for the adventurous guests to explore the rustic surroundings and enjoy the fresh air.


Host a fun and interactive firemaking activity where guests can learn to build a campfire and share stories around the flames.

Guitar by the Fireplace

Create a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace and invite someone to play the guitar, serenading the guests with beautiful melodies while they eat some smores.

Flower Picking

Organize a flower-picking activity, allowing guests to create their own rustic bouquets to take home as lovely keepsakes.

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Outdoor lounge

Transform your bridal shower into an enchanting wonderland with an outdoor lounge featuring a charming tent, soft blankets, lanterns, fairy lights, and plush pillows. This magical setup will create an unforgettable ambiance, surrounding the bride-to-be and her guests with a dreamy and cozy atmosphere under the stars.

With these rustic DIY ideas, your bridal shower will be a heartwarming and memorable celebration filled with love and rustic charm. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful touches and the opportunity to bond over delightful activities in a cozy setting.

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Leaves in a bottle centerpiece

By repurposing wine bottles to hold branches of leaves, this centerpiece idea cleverly combines eco-friendliness and budget-friendliness. Reusing wine bottles not only minimizes waste but also eliminates the need to purchase expensive vases, allowing you to allocate your resources to other aspects of the rustic bridal shower while still creating a beautiful and sustainable decoration.

Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (12)

Woodland-inspired Centerpieces

Arrange mason jars filled with wildflowers, twigs, and greenery as enchanting centerpieces. Incorporate wooden slices as bases for a touch of rustic elegance.

Fairy Lights and Candles

Enhance the cozy atmosphere with the soft glow of fairy lights and flickering candles in vintage lanterns or mason jars.

Vintage thrifted items

shop for vintage items such as clocks, candle, plates and decorations to add a budget-friendly rustic charm to your rustic bridal shower.

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Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (14)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (15)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (16)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (17)
Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (18)

Invitations for a Rustic Bridal Shower

When crafting invitations for a rustic bridal shower, it’s essential to capture the cozy and intimate ambiance of the theme. Begin by using natural and earthy colors, such as warm browns and forest greens, to set the tone. Incorporate rustic elements like wood textures or burlap accents to evoke a charming countryside feel.

Since rustic bridal showers may sometimes be held overnight, make sure to specify this on the invitations, so guests are aware of the duration.

You can also include a section on the RSVP card asking guests to indicate whether they plan to stay overnight, ensuring you have a headcount for both those departing after the event and those staying. This will help you plan logistics and accommodations accordingly and ensure everyone has a memorable and comfortable experience.

Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (19)


In conclusion, hosting a rustic bridal shower is a delightful journey filled with fun, creativity, and, most importantly, making the bride feel cherished and special. Embrace the charm of nature and simplicity as you plan this soul-nourishing event, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Remember to let your creativity flow freely, as it’s the key to crafting a unique and personalized experience that reflects the bride’s style and preferences. By prioritizing her happiness and incorporating thoughtful details, you can ensure a truly unforgettable celebration. For an in-depth guide and a wealth of creative ideas, be sure to read our comprehensive Bridal Shower Guide. Jot down your notes, start planning ahead, and brainstorm ideas to ensure everything is ready before the due date. With a touch of rustic allure and your heartfelt efforts, this Rustic Bridal Shower will be a cherished milestone on the bride’s journey to her special day.

Rustic Bridal Shower (Best Ideas & Your Complete Guide) - Bridal Shower Club (2024)


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Who pays for bridal shower stuff? ›

Those who are hosting the shower are responsible for paying for the shower costs. This might include venue costs, the hosts' gifts, decorations, food, beverages, and other event expenses.

What is a good budget for a bridal shower? ›

That works out at $300 to $800 for a 20-person party but can go as high as $150 per person or $3,000 for a 20-person shower. Based on these estimates and an average bridal shower guest list of 35-50 people, a reasonable budget for a bridal shower is between $350 and $7,500.

Who usually throws the bride a bridal shower? ›

When it comes to the question “who hosts a bridal shower,” the most popular answer is usually the maid of honor. One of the most important maid of honor duties is leading the charge to plan the bridal shower, from choosing a venue to sending out bridal shower invitations, planning games to choosing favors.

What does bride say at bridal shower? ›

"A bride should thank whoever hosted or planned the event, whether it's her bridal party, sister or best friends," Chertoff says. "She may also take this time to thank her mom and her future mother-in-law."

Who should not host a bridal shower? ›

Traditional etiquette dictates that the maid of honor—not the mother of the bride—should host the shower.

Does the mother of the bride plan the bridal shower? ›

Traditionally, the mother of the bride doesn't host the bridal shower (the maid of honor typically assumes the chief shower-planning role), however, your daughter will likely want you to be a part of the celebration.

What does mother in law give at bridal shower? ›

Consider heirloom-worthy serveware or a handmade book featuring your family's secret recipes. Alternatively, opt for items she'll likely need for the wedding. Think: a luxurious getting-ready robe, something blue or travel essentials for the honeymoon.

How many people should be at a bridal shower? ›

Inviting between 30 and 40 people to the bridal shower is the sweet spot, with the understanding that some people probably won't be able to attend. Your actual guest count will depend on where you're hosting the party. If you're renting a bridal shower venue, double-check the guest capacity first.

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Who traditionally pays for the wedding dress? One of the most closely stuck-to traditions is that the bride's family will pay for the wedding dress. This also includes any accessories the bride may wear, such as a veil, a bag and shoes. For modern weddings, the bride may want to pay for her own dress.

What is the average cost of hosting a bridal shower? ›, a website that compares the cost of services, reports that a typical bridal shower can run from $15 to $40 per person for a luncheon or party in a private room at a mid-range restaurant. If you're going all out with an elaborate bridal shower, you could be talking $40 to $150 or more (gasp!) per person.

How many games do you play at a bridal shower? ›

How many bridal shower games should be played? Depending on how long the bridal shower will last and the time duration of each game, you can plan for two to four of them—just be sure to leave guests plenty of time to eat, drink, and mingle, too.

How many hours should a bridal shower be? ›

Bridal showers typically last 2-4 hours and are not considered an all-day event. Although, depending on the type of shower you are hosting the time can vary. Most showers will either take place in the morning and serve as a brunch, or in the afternoon served with lunch or finger foods.

What is the best time of day for a bridal shower? ›

A bridal shower usually starts between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. and lasts between two and four hours. If the bridal shower theme includes brunch, you'd want to host the event on the earlier side, while an afternoon tea would be on the later side.

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