Best sites for vintage wedding dresses | The Good Web Guide (2024)

A round-up of the best places to find a vintage wedding dress.

The demand for vintage wedding dresses seems to grow with each proposal and with good reason. Usually made from exquisite fabrics and crafted in a way that would cost the earth if created from scratch today, vintage wedding dresses allow brides to wear something that is totally unique and which can be worn from the day of purchase. Of course, a vintage wedding dress that is in good condition and which fits properly is not always easy to come by. Fortunately, there are some great vintage wedding dress specialists out there that can help you in your search and make you shine on your special day. Here are our favourites.


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Tucked away on Golborne Road, near London’s Portobello area, is a magical haven, replete with the most stunning vintage fabrics, dresses, corsetry, veils and beadwork sourced from Edwardian, Art Deco, Victorian and other famously stylish eras. Jane Bourvis (who dressed Carrie for the Sex & the City scene where Mr Big surprises her in Paris) will work with you to create a bespoke dress from these genuine vintage fabrics based on original designs and your own ideas. Prices start from £300.


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Something of a stalwart on the vintage wedding dress circuit, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company elevates searching for a vintage wedding dress into a proper boutique experience. Make an appointment at the very comfortable showroom and spend a happy hour browsing the racks of rare dresses, accompanied by an assistant, who can advise and help as you try things on. The dresses, which cover most decades of the 20th century, have all been beautifully restored and can be tailored to fit you perfectly. Prices start from £1,000.


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Based in York, Love Miss Daisy, scours the world for its diverse range of vintage wedding dresses, which can be browsed online or in person via an appointment the £30 cost of which it will set off against any gown bought. If you are seriously considering purchasing a dress, it would recommend making an appointment first, so you can try it on and browse the much wider selection of dresses in stock before making a decision. Prices start from £150.


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Sourced from around the world, Heavenly Vintage Brides offers a stunning selection of vintage wedding dresses, dating back between 30 to 80 years, which it showcases beautifully on its site alongside photos sent in from real brides. Based in Acton, London, the company works on an appointment system, which takes around 1.5 hours. All the gowns have been specialist dry-cleaned and any minor repairs have been carried out. Where appropriate, petticoats have been bought or made to fit the dresses. Prices start from £300.


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Based in the East Midlands, Abigail’s Vintage Bridal offers a wonderful selection of vintage wedding dresses, which can be browsed online by decade and which are showcased with high quality lifestyle imagery. Make an appointment to try on different styles featured in the collection, browse vintage accessories including jewellery, sashes, lace collars, tiaras and veils to complement your chosen dress and benefit from an in-house alteration service. Prices start from £300.


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If love the vintage look but want your wedding dress to be worn for the first time by you, then it’s worth looking up Dalston-based Sally Laco*ck, who creates vintage-inspired wedding dresses inspired by the fluid and refined lines of the 1930s and softness of the late Edwardian era. Featuring antique tones that range from ivory to silver to mink and gold, dresses are made in soft silks and the finest French lace, adorned with special touches including hand-sewn silk flowers, glass buttons and other vintage details. Prices start from £1,480.


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This West Midlands gem stocks only original vintage dresses, each of which have been carefully sourced, cleaned and pressed. Make an appointment to view the full bridal collection as well as a small collection of vintage bridesmaid and evening ‘do’ dresses and vintage accessories. For an additional charge, an in-house seamstress is on hand to help make any alterations. Prices start from £120.


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A spacious boutique based in North London, Elizabeth Avey draws on 22 years of experience in vintage fashion to offer an excellent range of vintage bridal wear spanning styles from the 1920s to 1970s. Browse high quality images online or make an appointment to explore the full collection. Should you find something that needs adjusting, it can recommend an excellent alteration company which can help to make your vintage wedding dress fit just right.

1st November 2011

Best sites for vintage wedding dresses | The Good Web Guide (2024)


Is there a market for old wedding dresses? ›

Stillwhite bills itself as the world's largest pre-owned wedding dress marketplace with an easy-to-use website for both sellers and buyers. According to its site, it has 52,000 dresses for sale. Use the Stillwhite valuator to see how much you can sell your dress for.

What is the best website to sell your wedding dress? ›

Sites to sell a wedding dress
  • Sell a wedding dress. There are four sites dedicated to buying and selling lightly used wedding wear. ...
  • Still White. Still White is our top pick for selling never-worn and slightly used wedding gowns. ...
  • Once Wed. ...
  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses and Nearly Newlywed. ...
  • Other options. ...
  • Poshmark. ...
  • eBay.

How to make a wedding dress look vintage? ›

Look for features like buttons, bows, beading, or sequins that were popular during the era you're referencing. Incorporating a waist belt, sash, or ribbon can also add a vintage touch. Consider a tea-length or ankle-length dress for a retro-inspired look.

How to value a vintage wedding dress? ›

Are vintage wedding dresses valuable? If a vintage wedding dress is valuable or not depends on multiple factors. Mainly the condition, size, purchase price, maker and fabric quality. The value can also be considerably influenced by whether the style of the dress is in fashion at the moment or not.

How old does a wedding dress have to be to be vintage? ›

Typically, a vintage wedding dress is at least 20 years old, dating back to a specific era, such as the 1920s, 1950s, or 1970s. These dresses often possess unique characteristics that set them apart from modern bridal gowns. The appeal of a vintage wedding dress lies in its authenticity and timeless elegance.

How can I sell my wedding dress for the most money? ›

You'll want to list your wedding dress as soon as possible. Used wedding dresses sell for more money if they are less than two and a half years old. As a general rule of thumb, used gowns in great condition and only a few years old can sell for fifty percent of their retail price.

Is it cheaper to buy a wedding dress online? ›

Here's what you need to know. Because of frequent online promotions, shopping online for your wedding attire can often save you money! Not only is it cost-effective and convenient, but you're able to shop a much larger selection of designer wedding dresses and attire from the comfort of your couch.

Who usually buys the brides wedding dress? ›

Who traditionally pays for the wedding dress? One of the most closely stuck-to traditions is that the bride's family will pay for the wedding dress. This also includes any accessories the bride may wear, such as a veil, a bag and shoes. For modern weddings, the bride may want to pay for her own dress.

Is nearly newlywed legit? ›

Buying with NearlyNewlywed means you can shop for your discount designer wedding dress with confidence. We guarantee authenticity, safety and security. We curate every gown sold, process all payments, handle shipping, and offer a risk free 5-day return policy on our wedding gowns and jumpsuits.

How do you store a 60 year old wedding dress? ›

If you rediscovered your dress while cleaning out a chest in the attic, it's time to move it to a master bedroom closet or into an acid free wedding dress preservation box under your bed. There are multiple reasons why you should store a vintage garment in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Can you get the yellow out of a vintage wedding dress? ›

You can restore your yellowed wedding gown by using a wedding dress preservation kit. This is one of the most modern and effective methods to restore this type of garment. It is also a 100% safe and guaranteed method. The only thing you need to do is to find a reliable service provider to help you.

Why do old wedding dresses turn yellow? ›

The fabrics used in wedding dresses, like silk and satin, are prone to a natural process called oxidation. This event occurs when the fabric's fibers react with oxygen in the air, resulting in a chemical change that turns the material yellow or ivory.

How much did a wedding dress cost in 1970? ›

According to, these are the cost of each century of dresses. 1920s-$15.49, 1930s-$20, 1940s-$20.36, 1950s-$30.01, 1960s-$34, 1970s-$52.75, 1980s-$66.87, 1990s-$87.27, 2000s-$68.03, 2010s-$76.25, 2020s-$68.31.

What makes a wedding gown vintage? ›

A retro wedding dress refers to a style of wedding gown inspired by fashion trends from past eras, typically from the 1920s to the 1980s. This attribute gives the dress a vintage look that inspires nostalgia. The specific era that influences the dress will determine its details, silhouette and more.

Can I wash a vintage wedding dress? ›

The cleaning agents, solvents, or bleach you will use in cleaning might destroy the fabrics of your vintage wedding dress. Hence, it is much better to bring it to professional wedding dress cleaners for it to be safely cleaned.

Are used wedding dresses worth anything? ›

Used wedding gowns typically sell for between 40% and 60% of the retail price. And, in many cases, they've never been worn.

What can I do with my old wedding dress for keepsake? ›

Frame Your Old Wedding Gown

You can do so yourself or get some help from the professionals at Outrageous Framing and The Beautiful Frame Company. Hang it on the wall as a stunning art piece, a sentimental reminder of your special day, and an inspiring old wedding dress idea.

How much should you sell a used wedding dress for? ›

According to the general rule of thumb, a used wedding gown that is in great condition and less than two and a half years old can be sold for fifty percent of the retail price! Second-hand wedding gowns from famous brands like Vera Wang and Monique Lhullier can be easily sold for 60-70 percent of their retail value!

Who buys the wedding dress? ›

While this responsibility can vary from culture to culture, historically the bride's family will pay for her wedding dress and accessories. This includes everything from the dress itself to the veil and shoes.


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